Saturday, December 22, 2007

Greetings from John Woods

The Abductive Systems Group (TASG) is made up of a number of individuals worldwide whose reasearch interests extend not only to the logic of abduction, but to the logical investigation of all forms of human reasoning, with special attention to constraints imposed by the cognitive finitude of individual human agents. Dov Gabbay and I are currently in process of producing a multi-volume research monograph under the omnibus title of A Practical Logic of Cognitive Systems. Two volumes have now appeared. They are Agenda Relevance: A Study in Formal Pragmatics (North-Holland, 2003) and The Reach of Abduction: Insight and Trial (North-Holland, 2005). Next to come is Seductions and Shortcuts: Fallacies in the Cognitive Economy
(forthcoming in 2008).

Also on my list of things to do are two books in progress, Studies in the Logic of the Law and the second revised edition of The Logic of Fiction, orginally published by Mouton in 1974.